A Fresh Look: PeKu Implements a Site Redesign for Readers

by Gennadiy D on July 30th, 2014

Listen up, loyal PeKu Fans and Readers- PeKu Publications has bright news ahead that will certainly spark intrigue and excitement: a new website design. After tireless exploration of fonts, color schemes, templates and mock ups, PeKu is officially ready to launch their new site design for their readers. Although their current site provides user friendly and familiar navigation, the company saw a need for change. For a company that encourages current and original pieces, the site needed to align their mission with their appearance and start updating. To satisfy the needs of their readers, PeKu believes that the best way to implement change is to first elicit feedback. Focusing primarily on reviews of readers who navigate the site, PeKu was able to distinguish which parts needed improvement.

As of late, websites have veered in a “less is more” direction, emphasizing the importance of effective simplicity. Using the combined efforts of the creative team and CEO, Michele Pesula Kuegler, the website has been transformed into a clean, aesthetically pleasing, and fresh publication platform for users to easily navigate through hundreds of articles pertaining to a multitude of diverse topics. The new look aspires to engage readers, inspire followers, and inform curious wanderers through the vast selection of topics.

PeKu Publication has branded itself as an original and current publication company. They seek to hook their fans and followers on engaging topics and persuade them to return. Aside from simplifying the overall look of the side, they have implemented a sliding image to showcase top articles for that week. While change can often be unwelcome and unfamiliar, PeKu is excited to embrace the idea of a new look, and believes that growth can only be achieved through constant evaluation and feedback. Keep your eyes peeled, readers! This is just the beginning.

Inspire. Inform. Engage.