In the Community: PeKu Publications Awards Scholarship to Local High School Student

by Gennadiy D on June 16th, 2014

Manchester, NH– Each year, PeKu has been awarding a scholarship called the PeKu Publication Scholarship. It is given to one graduating senior at Campbell High School in Litchfield, NH. This town carries particularly meaningful weight to our Founder and CEO, Michele Pesula Kuegler, who grew up in the area. The scholarship has been awarded for the past three years, generously providing the receiving senior with $500.00 to put towards their future educational endeavors.
This award is offered to one diligent student who has earned a ranking in the top 15% of their class. To be considered for the scholarship, a student must exemplify conscientiousness and dedication to studies.

The scholarship seeks to aid the recipient in succeeding in reaching their future goals and passions by providing one of the first stepping stones to preparing for college. This year, Senior Rebecca Landrau was the commendable receiver of the award. She will be attending Florida Institute of Technology located in Melbourne, Florida’s second largest private college. Nationally ranked, the college concentrates primarily in the area of technology and science. Rebecca plans to study the challenging and intriguing field of aerospace engineering.

Seeing as PeKu Publications is a content-based publication company, it only made sense that the recipient of the award demonstrated thorough and attentive writing skills. Candidates for the scholarship wrote an essay, and it was thoroughly assessed by the editorial team. After careful consideration, Rebecca was chosen for her originality, fluent writing skills, and academic excellence.

As the years are progressing, college is becoming increasingly more competitive; students seeking to further their education deserve to be rewarded. PeKu Publications is proud to participate in the local community, and honored to share in growth of young students seeking to achieve their academic goals. Their ability to participate in the development of education is a humbling and inspiring experience, and they hope to continue this tradition.

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