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Tom "TK" Kuegler

Not only is TK the sales and marketing manager for PeKu Publications, he also is a managing partner at Wasabi Ventures.

Prior to starting Wasabi Ventures, TK led the sales efforts at MedAptus (a handheld healthcare charge capture solution) and at Amicore (an EMR company founded by Microsoft, Pfizer, and IBM) where he was instrumental in formulating and creating the sales processes. He has also held senior positions at ClickRebates (an online advertising software company) and RightNow Technologies (a Web-based CRM company). Tom has been a founding member of two companies, Skyline Network Technologies and SpinBox.

Mr. Kuegler is the author of all three editions of the highly acclaimed book, Web Advertising and Marketing. He has authored dozens of articles covering the Internet and World Wide Web and been published in leading publications like and ClickZ. Tom has spent a great deal of time lecturing at colleges, seminars, companies, and conferences about the corporate benefits of utilizing interactive technologies, presenting at over 100 events.

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