Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Conference Venue

by Editorial Team on July 23rd, 2015

eventAre you planning on hosting a conference and inviting people from your industry to come and learn from experts and network with one another and with a variety of vendors? Then continue reading for a few helpful tips that will help you choose the ideal conference venue.

Search for the Best Venues Online
An internet search is one of the easiest ways to locate the best conference venues in an area. Visit sites like Venuesearchlondon.com and browse through your many options until you find the ones that you would like to contact for more information or see in person. This is a great place to start, and you may be surprised by all of the options that are available to you.

Consider Your Attendees and the Accessibility of the Venue
Like anything else, a great conference venue will be located in an attractive location. This is one of the key ways to maximise attendance, so take some time to find venues that are easy to get to, even with public transportation, and locations that attendees will be comfortable going to. You also want to be certain that there is plenty of parking available for all of your attendees, and that there are other things to do, such as restaurants, theatres, and attractions.

Technological Capabilities
Technology will play a big role in the presentations of many of your expert speakers, so you want to choose a venue that has the technological capabilities to accommodate each and every presenter. Some things you should have include reliable, site-wide Wi-Fi, charging stations, and tech support throughout the event. In addition to benefitting the presenters, this technology will also keep your attendees happy.

Food Offerings
It is also important to choose a venue that will be able to provide plenty of food and beverages to your attendees and presenters. But if you feel that the offerings are limited or you want something a little different in terms of the menu offered, ask the venue manager if they will allow you to bring in outsider caterers. Make sure you provide a variety of foods to accommodate every major diet, including vegans, and keep food allergies and special diets, such as gluten free diets, in mind as well. No one should be hungry at your event!

Of course, even if you find the best venue, it will not work if it’s too expensive. So go ahead and set a budget and then try to find a venue that will work with you to give you everything that you need within that budget. You might even find that a venue is willing to give you a great deal if you’re willing to sign a multi-year contract, so use the power of negotiation when you can.

These are just five ways to ensure you will book the best venue for an upcoming professional conference that you plan on hosting. Remember to think about your guests and their needs, as this will help you find a venue that will attract the most people.

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