Wasabi Media Group Announces Additions to Specialist Team

by Gennadiy D on January 24th, 2012

Wasabi Media Group (WMG), an Internet-based publisher, announces the addition of two experts to their Specialist team. There currently are twelve members on the Specialist team, which covers topics ranging from fitness to animal health care.

Wasabi Media Group publishes original content on all twenty-four of their niche properties. The primary goals of WMG are to engage readers’ minds and inspire their imaginations. With the growing number of specialists, they intend to provide a greater depth of information for their readers. In addition to writing columns, many of these specialists also answer reader supplied questions.

The two newest experts provide voices of authority for home cooks and small construction projects. Elizabeth Skipper writes a biweekly column on Wasabi Media Group’s food/restaurant publication, Think Tasty. As a professionally trained chef, Elizabeth works as a cooking instructor and personal chef. She is the author of the Ask the Chef columns. Rusty Meador also writes on a biweekly basis, serving as the source of information for the Ask the Contractor column at WMG’s home renovation and remodeling publication, ‘Bout Home. Rusty is the owner of Beach and Barn Construction.

“To provide our readers with the best original content, Wasabi Media Group continues to enhance our publications with new columns and features. The addition of these two specialists will provide more in-depth information for our audience,” stated Michele Pesula Kuegler, CEO/Editor-in-Chief of Wasabi Media Group.
About Wasabi Media Group

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