Wasabi Media Group Launches Redesigned Website

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on June 15th, 2010

SAN MATEO, CA- Wasabi Media Group (WMG), a rapidly growing internet company, unveiled its redesigned corporate website,, on Tuesday.  The revamped website will serve to tie together the company’s ever-growing array of sites from across the web, including Gas Pedal Addicts, Inspector Electra, Camp Campaign and many others.

“Since its creation two years ago, Wasabi Media Group has grown to be a top 15,000 property according to Quantcast.”  says Michele Pesula Kuegler, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Wasabi Media Group.  “With countless readers discovering us monthly, I am certain WMG will continue to increase in popularity.”

WMG’s core website brings together the top feeds from the company’s diverse portfolio of internet offerings.  The feeds are grouped together in six broad categories: Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Family Time, Fun for All, Outdoors & Active, and Intellectment (a smart blend of intellectual pursuits and pure entertainment).  All of Wasabi’s topical sites – from holiday crafts to the latest NASCAR news to political hot topics – are covered in one centralized location.

Wasabi Media Group is a subsidiary of Wasabi Ventures, LLC.  For more information about Wasabi Ventures go to  For more information about WMG or the updated website, contact Michele Pesula Kuegler at

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