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A Mere Act of Kindness

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on December 24th, 2012

Last Wednesday, my husband and I were driving on the highway to attend our high school son’s and daughter’s wrestling meet.  As we approached the tollbooth, I realized that our EZ-Pass transponder was in our other car.  My husband handed a dollar bill to me, as I moved to the cash lane.  When we reached the booth, the attendant smiled and said, “The car ahead of you paid for you.  Merry Christmas!”

I’ve heard about these acts of kindness previously.  Drivers paying tolls for others; customers buying coffee for the person behind them.  However, I had never had this happen to me before nor had my husband.  What I found most amazing was the way such a small deed made me feel so pleased.  A simple, purse sense of joy permeated through my body as we continued the drive north.

On the way home later that evening, when we approached the tollbooth we gave the attendant two dollars and asked him to pay for the car behind us.  It seemed right to pay forward this act of kindness as soon as possible.  Knowing that we had done a small favor for one person elicited that same feeling of joy.

Although we say it all the time, it really is the littlest of things that makes a difference. A smile. A card sent for no special reason. A genuine “How are you?”

The next time you’re driving on the highway or stopping for a coffee and have a spare dollar or two, consider paying for the person behind you.  You may be amazed at how good it will make you feel.


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  1. Lori S. says:

    Those moments certainly make my day too!

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