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by Michele Pesula Kuegler on August 17th, 2011

Through both work and personal life, I am amazed at the all-consuming ability of the Internet.  There’s no need to leave your laptop to order a new sweater, book airline tickets, check on your child’s grades, read a great article, watch a soccer match, talk with friends, or take a college course.  While I embrace these technologies, I also keep in mind that there is a world outside of www.  As anyone who works online knows, it is so easy to keep the laptop open for all hours of the day and miss what actually is happening.

Like anything in this world, the key is moderation.  We all know that indulgence of anything is bad for us.  For example, we know that sitting in front of the television for hours is bad for us.  However, we don’t necessarily apply the same thinking to our computers.  We decide that because we are doing something with a purpose (ordering school supplies, checking tomorrow’s weather), it is acceptable to stay online for hours on end.  However, when we do that, even though we are completing items on our to-do lists, we are missing life.

How do we manage the delicate balance of getting everything done and spending time with those around us?  If I had the absolute answer, I believe I would be featured on all of the hit talk shows.  However, I do know that each of us needs to find the correct balance, and for each of us that will differ.  For me, if I need to spend most of an evening working, then the next night I make sure I spend with my family without having my laptop open (or my smartphone in hand).

The online world is readily available and has so much to offer.  It can be a great source of entertainment, if you enjoy gaming, music, and videos.  It also is a fabulous resource when shopping, even for your wedding dress.  Need to find information about your health or the health of your pet?  You can find that also.  These items merely scrape the surface of what you can accomplish.

Just remember to keep everything in balance between the virtual and real worlds.


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