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Change, Change, Change

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on September 30th, 2013

calendarI’ve played with the format of Editorially Yours several times.  Originally I published the article on Wednesdays.  After a year of following this schedule, I moved the article to Mondays.  Over a year and a half later, it feels like time for a change again.  However, this time the change isn’t a matter of choosing a different day, it needs a bigger alteration.

The Editorially Yours column is written to share a little behind the scenes at PKP/inside the mind of the CEO.  While this can be an interesting format, it has begun to feel stale to me.  Although I enjoy writing about personal on-goings and work events, I have begun to wonder if this is the best way of using my editorial podium.  What seems like a better idea is to create a more detailed schedule that will encourage/force me to focus on certain areas each week.

Thus, starting in October there will be a set topic for each week.  It is laid out as such:

  • Week 1- Month Highlights- These will focus on specific topics that we will be covering over some of our 23 publication.
  • Week 2- PKP 5- The top 5 pieces of news within our company, which may include new hires, new designs, new articles, or other items.
  • Week 3- Ramblings from me- Once a month I will share a few thoughts from the hamster wheel of my brain.
  • Week 4- Meet the Team/Specialist- I will continue to interview members of the PKP team and share it with you, our readers.

I’m hoping that these changes make the column more interesting for those who read it.  As you read the various columns, please feel free to send your feedback- good, bad, or otherwise.


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