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Michele Pesula Kuegler is the founder of PeKu Publications and chief foodie at Think Tasty. She runs this one-woman show focusing on creating new recipes to delight her family, friends, and herself.

Christmas Week

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on December 23rd, 2013

days_til_christmasWith Christmas on Wednesday, this week isn’t a normal business week.  The number of meetings and calls are less.  While many people are still working today, the atmosphere at work is different.  Even as an adult with teenaged children, it’s harder to focus on the task at hand.  I want to think about the food I will be making, the presents I will be giving, the friends and family I will see.  I’m sure I’m not alone in this frame of mind.

However, the world of work doesn’t disappear because of a holiday. There are projects to review, assignments to check, tasks to be assigned.  As a publishing company, I guess we could make the choice not to publish as much this week, or even not at all.  However, it seems like the right choice to follow our regular schedule.  Thankfully, we do have the ability to adjust our schedules so that most of our work can be completed on days other than Christmas Day.

As you (and I) count the days until Christmas, I hope you enjoy the articles that we are publishing this week.  Then, enjoy the extra time away from work with your family and friends.


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