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by Michele Pesula Kuegler on March 9th, 2011

Recently, I read The Pearl by John Steinbeck.  It is one of those classics that I somehow missed through school assignments and that had not caught my eye as a personal choice.  I am glad that I finally have added this novel to my ever-growing list of books I have read.  Although it is short in length, The Pearl reminds the reader of the ills that come with greed.  Not until there is a tragic loss does Kino, the protagonist, realize how greed has overcome him.

Living in a time where there can be great amounts of disposable income, or at least credit cards to use in the same fashion, we don’t always think about making the best choices.  If there is cash or credit available, just make the purchase; don’t consider whether it can be done more efficiently or less expensively.  On our environmental publication, Be Green Info, one of our writers discusses options for ink cartridge replacements.  Her suggestions will not only save money but also benefit the planet.

Switching from choices that affect the environment to choices that affect a country, it does seem fitting to mention an article on Camp Campaign.  With the potential shutdown of the government looming, another one of our writer offers an excellent suggestion that may help Congress put things into perspective.

Maybe a reading of The Pearl should be recommended to all.  Don’t think of only of the bigger, better, more expensive, think also about what you have and what you really need.


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