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Michele Pesula Kuegler is the founder of PeKu Publications and chief foodie at Think Tasty. She runs this one-woman show focusing on creating new recipes to delight her family, friends, and herself.

Learning from Mistakes

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on June 11th, 2012

Over Memorial Day weekend, I invited another couple to dinner at our house.  With warm weather, it seemed like a great day to grill.  As I enjoy experimenting with new recipes, I decided to put a spin on the classic burger.  My goal was to make Hawaiian-style burgers with ground chicken.  As I mixed the ingredients, I knew it didn’t feel quite right, so I kept adding a little of this and a little of that, hoping for success.  Sadly, these burgers were not meant to be.  The burgers broke into pieces, a good majority of which fell into the grill.

Obviously this was an experiment that failed.  Thankfully our friends are good sports, tried a bite or two of what remained of the burgers, and then we ordered pizza.  In some ways this meal may be one of the more memorable that we have shared; it sure did produce a good amount of laughter.  While I was disappointed in my efforts, I did learn something from this meal.

Maybe that is the best thing that we can hope for in our errors.  Building a company, such as WMG, there are both failures and successes.  Although I enjoy embracing and celebrating the successes, I also make sure that I acknowledge and analyze the failures.  Yes, it would be easy to sweep them under the rug, but studying my errors usually produces greater success in the future.

As WMG continues to grow, we are bound to achieve success and make mistakes.  My hope is that for every mistake we make, we learn something from it, in order to make Wasabi Media Group the best it can be.


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