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Michele Pesula Kuegler is the founder of PeKu Publications and chief foodie at Think Tasty. She runs this one-woman show focusing on creating new recipes to delight her family, friends, and herself.

Marking the Seasons

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on January 20th, 2014

Valentine NorbertDuring the Christmas season of 2012, we bought a freshly picked tree, as we usually do.  Unfortunately, after a week in our living room, that year’s tree began losing needles at a rapid pace.  With over two weeks left until Christmas, there was no possibility that this tree would last.  Unfortunately, I was under the weather that weekend, so my husband offered to go and find a new tree for us.

An hour or two later, my husband returned with a 2-foot tall Norwegian Pine.  This planted tree could serve as a fill-in for a Christmas tree and add some green to our house year round.  Little did either of realize that day that this tree would become a focal point of our living room.  It has almost doubled in size and has been named Norbert.  Additionally, Norbert is decorated in lights all year long.  As you can see in the photo, he’s now decorated for Valentine’s Day with pink lights.

Having a tree such as this has been a great addition to our home.  The lighted tree with a name is a conversation piece for almost every person that enters our house.  Plus, no matter what time of year it is our house has some element of seasonal decoration.  Who can’t help but smiling when they see a tree with green lights in March or orange lights in October?

Just as our home marks the seasons, so does PeKu Publications.  For example on Outdoors Eagle, while we focus on a new destination every month, we also are sure to highlight seasonally appropriate activities.  Currently, we are focusing on snowmobiling, winter camping, and skiing.  Soon we will change that to four-wheeling and biking.  Also, on Little Bit of Green we highlight what our readers can be doing for their plants based not only on location but also on the time of year.

What do you do to keep all seasons bright?  Feel free to share in the comments below.


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