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Meet the Team- Jacob Parzych

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on March 18th, 2013

nhs_2Interestingly, even though this writer has been working for PKP for four years, he is one of the youngest on our team.  Jacob Parzych joined the writing team in April 2009, at the ripe age of thirteen, in order to become the second Teen Perspective columnist.  Since that time he has covered other topics, including technology, pets, sports, and gaming.  Currently, you can continue to turn to Jake for the teen’s eye view and information on the care and ownership of reptiles and amphibians.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to Jacob.

MPK: When you aren’t writing articles, what do you like to do with your free time?

JP: I really enjoy playing football and wrestling for my high school teams.  Also, I enjoy skiing during the winter.  In the summer, I like to spend time with my friends and read.

MPK: Which publication is your favorite to write for?

JP: My favorite publication is Your Parenting Info. It’s a fun way to put my spin on the world.

MPK: You frequently write about Gonzo, your New Caledonian Crested Gecko.  What are the advantages of having a reptile as a pet?

JP: Reptiles are fantastic pets for two reasons: they are hypoallergenic and can be very easy to care for.  Also, they offer a great range in the amount of handling needed.

MPK: You write about other reptiles and amphibians on Feathers Fins and Fur.  What is the most interesting fact you’ve learned while researching?

JP: This one sticks in my mind almost constantly!  Once turtles and tortoises mature, the likelihood of death remains low and doesn’t change.  In other words, a turtle that doesn’t suffer from an accident, illness, or medical condition will live forever.

MPK: What fun fact would our readers be surprised to learn about you?

JP: They would be surprised to learn that I, as a student, do not particularly enjoy writing.  I’m actually a math and science oriented guy.


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