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Meet the Team- Jane Wangersky

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on July 16th, 2012

Jane Wangersky joined the WMG team in February 2009.  At that time, she worked solely as a writer.  She covered a variety of topics, including pets, parenting, book reviews, travel, and humor.  In May 2012 she was offered the role of Associate Editor, which she accepted.  In the time since then, Jane has been busy overseeing the content in our Entertainment, Family, Fine Living, and Opinion sections.  She continues to write weekly humor articles, shopping bargain pieces, and other assorted columns.

Without further ado, here’s a little Q&A with Jane:

MPK:  In your role as an editor, you edit on many of the publications.  Do you have one publication that is your favorite to edit?  If so, why?

JW:  Probably Camp Campaign, because the writers don’t hold back there. They write what they think on politics, which is a subject many people avoid.

MPK:  What’s the most interesting fact you’ve learned or discovery that you’ve made while editing others’ work?

JW:  That people most enjoy watching something, a TV show, a movie, a game or whatever, when they can’t tell how it’s going to end.

MPK:  You write three columns a week for Giggle Chuckle, many of which seem to be based on actual events.  Where do you find your inspiration for these articles?

JW:  I find some of them while I’m looking for something else. Other times I get them from FBI press releases, which are full of stories about scams and not-so-smart criminals, or from the BBC’s “Also in the News” section.  Some of them just come from the papers I read, and some of them are
inspired by photos I find.

MPK:  When you aren’t writing or editing, what do you like to do with your free time?

JW:  Read, walk, cook, crochet, and observe other people arguing in blog comboxes.

MPK:  What is one fun fact that our readers would be interested to learn about you?

JW:  I’m a certified ESL teacher, which took five years of community college.


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