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Meet the Team- Lori Sciame

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on October 15th, 2012

Lori Sciame has been a part of the WMG team since January 2011.  She originally was hired as a member of the writing team.  In May of that year, the company had grown to a point where I was ready to implement a more formal editorial team.  With the creation of the new role of Associate Editor, Lori became the first hire for that position.  Since that time Lori has balanced a workload of editing and writing for many of our publications.

Allow me introduce you to Lori.

MPK: In your role as an editor, you edit on many of the publications.  Do you have one publication that is your favorite to edit?  If so, why?

LS: Although I enjoy editing all the publications, I am especially fond of Inspector Electra.  I learn so much from our talented writers about new gadgets, as well as what’s going on in the world of cyber culture.

MPK: What’s the most interesting fact you’ve learned or discovery that you’ve made while editing others’ work?

LS: Because I teach English Composition at the college level, I pay special attention to how our writers organize their ideas and to how they craft their sentences.  The most interesting discovery I’ve made has to be that most writers favor a particular type of sentence construction. In essence, each individual has a signature sentence type.

MPK: You write articles on many of our publications. Which is your favorite? Why?

LS: Currently my favorite publication to write for is Your Parenting Info.  I have learned about the joys and hardships of being a parent as the mother of three children, so writing articles for YPI allows me to assist others with tricky parenting problems – problems that I’ve already tackled successfully.  And, I must admit, I find writing about my children to be self-indulgent, much like eating a piece of my favorite food, dark chocolate!

MPK: When you aren’t writing or editing, what do you like to do with your free time?

LS: People describe me as a workaholic.  I not only write and edit for WMG, I have many other jobs at a local community college.  A lover of words, I teach and tutor English composition, and I am an active member of the English Honor Society – Sigma Kappa Delta.  A lover of people, I advise students on career choices and class schedules, and I am Vice-President of a youth drug and alcohol prevention coalition.  Next month I will take over as our college’s alcohol and drug prevention coordinator.

Religion also plays a central role in my life.  I spend hours volunteering, not only at church, but I also assist local non-profits with projects aimed at helping the less fortunate.  Most recently, I signed up to sponsor a four year-old girl at an orphanage in Haiti.  I am looking forward to watching her grow into a healthy, happy adult.

If I do have a free minute, I like to take a nap with my favorite felines, Bear and Joe.

MPK: What fun fact would our readers be surprised to learn about you?

LS: In addition to writing, I am passionate about music.  I have made it a point to visit music hot spots across the nation, from Detroit’s Motown, to Sun Studios in Memphis.  I’ve also marched alongside a jazz band in New Orleans, sat in the front row at a pow wow in Kansas City, MO, and looked up in awe at Capitol Records in Hollywood.  Recently, at the college where I teach, I had the honor to listen to a musician who has toured the college circuit for 30 years!


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