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Michele Pesula Kuegler is the founder of PeKu Publications and chief foodie at Think Tasty. She runs this one-woman show focusing on creating new recipes to delight her family, friends, and herself.

Meet the Team- Sean Fesko

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on December 15th, 2014

rsz_peku_penguin_printThis month’s featured team member actually just finished his tenure at PeKu. That is because Sean Fesko served as our Communications Specialist intern and has completed his semester’s worth of work with PeKu. Throughout the fall Sean has been busy filling our social media channels with vibrant updates, writing press releases, and creating a fun new campaign. Please allow me to introduce you this fabulous intern.

MPK: What was your favorite part of your internship at PeKu?

SF: My favorite part of my internship at PeKu was being able to have a large role in the operations of the company. Being in charge of social media was a big responsibility, something that I’d had experience with in past internships but not to this extent.

MPK: You created the #WheresPeku campaign. What inspired this idea?

SF: The main goal I was trying to accomplish was getting more people to interact with the company on Twitter. People are always sharing what they’re eating, where they’re going, who they’re with, etc. and the new trend is to share those via selfie. #WheresPeku seemed like a great way to take advantage of that trend, but also to flip it around so PeKu the penguin was the one sharing her life. Sending her out into the world with the help of our readers was a logical next step to get fans to interact with the company on Twitter.

MPK: As a college student, have any of your classes helped you with the internship?

SF: I have taken a couple of marketing classes that have helped me a bit, but the majority of my learning has come from outside sources, such as the books by Gary Vaynerchuk and past internships.

MPK: What are your post-graduation goals?

SF: Get a  job! I’m leaning towards business development or marketing in the entertainment or publishing fields; if I could land a job in the NASCAR industry, that would be great! I’d also like to start my own business one day.

MPK: What is a fun fact that our readers would be surprised to learn about you?

SF: I wrote a novella in high school that two summers ago I expanded into a novel (almost 100,000 words!). I’m in the process of rewriting it and one day hope to see it published.


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