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Moving On

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on May 5th, 2014

good_luckMy first article of the month usually is a highlight of what to expect in the coming month.  This month I am taking a different approach to the column, as I want to focus on two members of the PeKu team.

In April’s Highlights column, I wrote that we were adding three new columnists to assist with upcoming transitions.  The first of those transitions occurred at the end of April when Bea V. and Louise v. d. H. wrote their last articles for PeKu.  These two writers are special to PeKu (and me) for several reasons.

Bea and Louise were the original paid writers at PeKu.  Before we launched in July 2008, I was writing articles, as was my husband and another adviser.  I wanted each PeKu property to have at least a handful of articles when we officially became live.  Being a startup, my budget was small. Through a casual acquaintance I was introduced to Bea, who was a senior at a local high school.  She wrote many articles for me (at a ridiculously frugal price) and helped PeKu begin.  When I wanted to add another writer, for similar pricing, a couple months later, Bea recommended her sister, Louise.  She, too, wrote wonderful articles for not much more than peanuts.

Over the past six and a half years, I have had the pleasure of working with Bea and Louise.  Their depth of knowledge, ability to research, and fantastic world travels have made them valuable and reliable members of the writing team.  However, it has been six and a half years, and each of these women is moving in a different direction. Bea has graduated from college and will start a job as a process improvement engineer.  Louise graduates this month and begins a master’s program in the fall.

Having watched them grown from teens who wrote articles amidst a flurry of high school sports, events, and homework to successful adults who are sure to take the world by storm, I am pleased to have known them and worked with them.

Although I will miss reading their weekly articles, I know that they are sure to excel at whatever lies ahead.  I look forward to reading about their successes in the coming years.


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