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PeKu News- June 2014

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on June 9th, 2014

PeKu News copyIt’s June, which means that graduation season is in full swing.  All (?) college and university graduations are done, but many preschool, elementary, middle, and high schools have graduations ahead.  Campbell High School, which is my town’s school, celebrates graduation this Friday night. On Wednesday, they will hold their Senior Night at which I will present the third annual PeKu Publications scholarship.

Of course, I can’t announce the person who is receiving this award, that is a huge secret! However, I can share how much I enjoy being able to provide a scholarship to a college-bound senior.  This scholarship is a celebration of many things.  First and foremost, it recognizes one senior who has crafted the winning essay and is a top student in his or her class.  Second, this scholarship allows PeKu to give back to the local community.  Third, it allows PeKu to celebrate our birthday by giving rather than receiving.

This July marks the sixth birthday of PeKu Publications.  Ever since we started celebrating the company’s birthday, at big number three, we have chosen to do so by giving to others rather than receiving.  With this scholarship we feel that we have found the perfect combination.  Inviting top students to submit essays about their future seems the perfect fit for a publishing company that aims to inspire its readers every day.  These essays of hopes and dreams are truly inspiring.  While the choice my editors need to make is difficult, they enjoy reading these talented students’ works.

In just two and a half days, the PeKu scholarship will be presented, along with many other awards, scholarships, and prizes.  I am sure it will be a fabulous night, one in which I am delighted to partake!


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