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Where Do You Find Your Inspiration?

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on February 13th, 2012

Exercise is an integral part of my life.  Six days a week, I start my day with either a strength training or cardio workout.  If a workday has been hectic, I have been known to take a quick two-mile run on the treadmill to release the stresses of the day.  I find that this physical activity is a great way to unwind and be a happier, more productive member of my family.

As someone who exercises regularly, I enjoy adding new exercises or entire routines.  Not only does the same workout become boring, but it can be less effective for your muscles.  For these reasons, I find our fitness publication, My Fitness Tunes to be a fabulous resource.  Whether I am seeking a new ab exercise or a different cardio activity, I have found suggestions that worked well for me.  Some of my favorites are:

  • Good form for push-ups– Push-ups are one of my least favorite exercises, but I do include them in my rotation.  This article is a quick read and good way to check that you are performing your push-ups correctly.
  • A different twist on cardio– Running on the treadmill or outdoors can become boring.  Using your stairs as a means of cardio activity is a different and fun way to get your heart racing.

If you haven’t been bitten by the exercise bug yet or are becoming bored, there are plenty of articles to motivate you. Suggestions on how to make workouts a family event or to kickstart your fitness program can be found.  Check out My Fitness Tunes to find your fitness inspiration!


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