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WMG Is Mobile

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on August 31st, 2011

It seems that everybody has an app.  Want a way to keep yourself amused while riding the subway?  There are millions of games from which to choose.  Need a currency converter app for your international travel?  There are apps for that.  Should you be studying for an upcoming exam?  There are apps to assist with that also.

Between the increase in smartphone purchases and the constant presence of iPads and iTouches, there is an audience that always is seeking new and interesting ways to entertain and assist them.  Thus, the market produces apps that vary from the whimsical game to the business tool.

WMG entered the world of apps in June with our WMG Reader app for Android.  Now, we have launched that same app for iOS.  Making Wasabi Media Group articles available to mobile devices was an important step.  As the CEO, there have been times when I’m traveling and I wanted to check on a recent article.  Without the app, it was a more cumbersome chore.  Now, with the app, in a click or two, I can review the specific article.

Although WMG wasn’t on the cutting edge of going mobile, we are in the game now.  For Android users, you can find our app here.  For Apple fans, the app is here for you.

Want to read a Wasabi Media Group article from your mobile device?  Yes, we have an app for that.


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