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Working at a Distance- Meeting in Person!

by Michele Pesula Kuegler on August 11th, 2014

North AmericaToday is the second Monday of the month, which means that I share anniversaries being celebrated among the PeKu team.  This month there are none.  Zippo.  Zilch.  However, fate had an interesting way of creating a topic for this week’s column.

Last Monday I had an Ask the Expert column published in the Union Leader (a Manchester, New Hampshire, newspaper) about managing an international team.  I wrote about strategies that have helped make PeKu into a successful company with a team that functions well while separated by thousands of miles.  I have stayed in communication with my team through various channels: email, phone calls, instant messaging.  However, as my team is located throughout the US, Canada, and Europe currently, I have met very few members of my team in person.

Today I will meet a 5-year member of our team, Jane Wangersky.  Jane is based in British Columbia, from where she has served as a columnist and associate editor.  However, she is on vacation in New England and will be traveling to Manchester, New Hampshire, to meet with me in person.  While Jane and I have been in contact for years, it will be the first time that we speak in-person.

Yes, we have worked well, even with over three thousand miles and a three hour time difference separating us. Still it will be wonderful to spend time in the same room.  I have seen photos of Jane and talked with her, so I have both a face and a voice to associate with her, but there will be an additional layer of knowing her from this meeting.

I may be able to manage an international team fairly well, but it sure will be exciting to meet another member of the PeKu team.


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